Men have a long list of questions that they want answered when it comes to their hair but may not always know where to start. Having that trusted source of hair-related information regarding styles, routine hair care, beard oil uses, and everything in between can help take the guesswork out of your hair. Here are four of the most common hair questions we’ve gotten over the years — maybe these are some of the questions you have as well! 

Question #1: How Can I Recreate A Specific Style?

It’s happened to every guy that’s gotten a fresh haircut and then tried to recreate the same magic at home. After you get your haircut and the professional styling, you feel like you can’t make it look the same as when you walked out of the barbershop. Some styles require more time and effort than guys are used to, and if they don’t realize this, they often get frustrated and give up on trying to recreate that style on their own. 

Once you decide on a specific style, as your barber gets to work on your hair, ask for some pro tips on how to recreate the same effects at home. Whether it’s a specific type of styling gel or towel drying vs. blow-drying, they can give you unique insight into how you can bring the style you want to life on your own time. 

You can also have your barber take a picture, so you have a frame of reference on what the final product looks like (and a reference for next time if you love the style!)

Question #2: Do Certain Styles Work Better For My Hair?

Just like with people, not all hairstyles are perfect fits for your hair. Different styles will play better with each type of hair, whether you have wavy hair, shoulder-length, straight hair, thinning, or thick hair. If you love a hairstyle you’ve seen celebrities wear, it doesn’t mean your hair is a good match for it. 

Finding styles that compliment your hair and accentuate your personal qualities is far more important than trying to mimic a popular celebrity hairstyle for the sake of it. You can have a conversation with your barber to discuss the options and find a style that suits your hair the best. 

Question #3: How Often Should I Get It Cut?

After every haircut, your barber usually asks if you want to schedule your next haircut, and more often than not, guys will defer and save that as a future problem. However, you can save time and the hassle of trying to fit a new haircut appointment into your schedule by planning out your next haircut in advance. 

Finding that sweet spot where your hair is long enough to justify a new haircut, or if you want a shape up, can prove difficult for guys who don’t pay close enough attention to their hair to know. For most guys, scheduling their next haircut two to three months out is a safe schedule to keep. If you want to keep looking fresh, scheduling touch-ups in between can prove a viable option as well. 

Question #4: Can You Take More Off The Top Or Sides?

Once you have your barber finish your haircut and you’re looking in the mirror asking you how it seems, have you ever held back from saying you want a little more off the top or the sides? It’s natural not to want to rock the boat, but it is your hair at the end of the day, and your barber wants to help you get a cut that allows you to feel your most confident self.

So don’t hesitate to ask your barber to make adjustments as you go through the process! 

Any Other Questions? Just Ask The I’m Sergio’s Team!

While you now have answers to some of the most common questions our team has heard over the years, they are by no means the only ones. Every man has specific questions about their hair and what styles they want, and knowing where to go for answers can prove challenging. You can schedule an appointment with one of our skilled barbers and get all your questions answered and your new favorite men’s haircut in Media, PA, Philadelphia, or Conshohocken!