Whether you are looking for one of the top barbers in Media, PA, or want to try something new with your hair, knowing what kind of products to use in your hair remains an important question. Men’s hair care can quickly become a world where “no fuss” takes precedence over function. The average guy will look for the path of least resistance without knowing terms like a matte finish, hair gel, or hair wax and their differences. 

Most men make decisions based on the branding of the products or whether they have heard of them before. When it comes to styling men’s hair, the difference between wax and gels might seem only to be a matter of personal preference; however, the differences run deeper than that. 

What Is The Difference Between Wax and Gel?

While both types of hair products achieve the same function of styling your hair, the finished style can look drastically different based on which one you utilized. The differences come down to the chemical makeup of the products. 

Waxes tend to be made from substances like Lanolin wax, Beeswax, and the like. On the other hand, styling gels tend to include ingredients such as water and different polymers to help achieve the iconic holdability. Maintaining a specific style throughout a man’s busy day has led to hair gel becoming the first option for men attempting to style their hair for the first time without worrying about the finer details. 

Why Go With Hair Wax

For most guys, their ultimate choice for their hair styling products comes down to how it looks. Do they want a specific style to hold throughout the day? Do they want to achieve that “just rolled out bed” wrangled look? The possibilities are endless! 

With hair wax, the hold and shine are less extreme than you would get with a gel. Professional stylists and men alike often choose hair wax for a specific range of hairstyles. Wax is often the perfect choice for the messy bedhead look, to more structured and professional-looking styles. 

Wax can quickly become one of the most versatile tools in your hair care arsenal. They come in varieties such as medium hold and flexible hold and are best used with a wide range of hair types. Different waxes also have different finishes — think shiny or matte — completely changing the overall look. 

Why Go With Hair Gel

Hair gel represents an easily accessible entry point into the grooming world for most men looking to make stylistic changes. Gel has become one of the best sellers in the marketplace due to its widespread availability and ease of use. For men with a specific style in mind that you want for the entire day, hair gel provides the strong hold you want in a styling product to make the look last through the workday. 

Unlike hair wax with various sheens and finishes, hair gels tend to come in one with varying degrees of strength—slick and shiny. Most gels on the market will reflect the light that hits it and provide that immediately recognizable gel look. The downside comes from running your fingers through gelled hair, as you run the risk of having residue streaks through your hair and on your hands. 

For men attempting to find a structured hair routine, waxes and gels provide a strong foundation for their hair care. Choosing the right product that matches style preferences and compliments your hair the best helps men make a more informed decision. Do you want help making your next hairstyle choice and see how the professionals would handle it? Schedule your next haircut appointment in Philadelphia with I’m Sergio Men’s Hair, and we’ll help you find the perfect option for your hair!