There’s a ton of misinformation out there when it comes to personal grooming and hair care. Inaccurate hair care tips can make the care of a man’s hair difficult. Blind acceptance of any advice that people give or read on the internet could lead to hair loss, damage, and general discomfort. With that being said, let’s debunk some common myths when it comes to men’s hair:

Myth 1: Cutting Hair Makes It Grow Faster

Most people who want to grow hair for a new style believe they can grow their hair fast by cutting it. However, the reality is that cutting your hair cannot make it grow faster, as only genes determine the speed that your hair grows. However, you can promote hair growth by getting plenty of protein, quitting smoking, and reducing stress.

Myth 2: You Should Wash Your Hair Every Day

Frequent hair washing dries hair out, making it look dull and brittle. Regularly washed hair also tends to get greasy quickly. Try to wash your hair twice or three times a week to protect it from dryness. You can only rinse with water on the days in between.

Myth 3: You Can Achieve an Exceptional Shine If You Rinse With Cold Water

Although this claim has been around for decades, there is no scientific evidence to back it. A scientifically proven way that makes your hair shinier is by using an ideal conditioner each time you wash the hair.

Myth 4: Shampoo Your Hair Daily To Keep It Clean

Shampooing hair daily can do more harm than good. The rates at which hair generates oil vary from person to person, and you should only wash the hair once you feel it is beginning to get greasy. For some people, this could be daily, for others once a week. You can also opt for dry shampoo solutions to get rid of oil, impurities, and product build-up.

Myth 5: You Can Train Your Hair

Unlike your muscles, hair cannot be honed through training. Similarly, it is not possible to permanently change its type or shape. Although some styling techniques can alter the form of the hair’s shaft, hair typically grows through the follicle and can’t be layered.

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