• Rachel
    Has over 10 years experience and has been a known force in the men’s salon business in center city for many years now. With a high passion for cutting hair, she likes to stay on top of celebrity trends. She enjoys interacting with different kinds of people behind the chair while outside of work, she spends a lot of time with her puggle, Lola.
  • Anna
    The opportunity to be creative and build relationships has led Anna into the beauty industry. Now with over 10 years of experience cutting and over 4 years shaving, her passion is why she continues to move forward with her career. She likes continuing education, anything pertaining to fashion, keeping active, traveling, and hanging out with friends. You can view Anna’s own professional website at www.annaprovencher.comwith some of her great work amongst other things.
  • Amanda
    Has always wanted to work in a creative industry and has found her niche with men’s cuts. Despite many years of experience in a men’s salon, she is constantly looking to improve her skills and learn new techniques. It’s extremely important to her to make sure her clients feel good about themselves when they get up from her chair. Other interests of hers involve hiking and trying different craft beers.
  • Kathy
    Has over 13 years experience and most recently spent some time in Los Angeles, California working and learning so many of the hottest trends and styles for men. Kathy is a pleasant personality to be around and loves family, friends, travel, music, fashion and nature. She is another one of our stylists who believes in “when you feel good, it shows.”
  • Stephanie
    Started taking Cosmetology classes back in high school and began working in a salon at the age of 15. Sheís now spent over 7 years as an operator since graduating from Venus Beauty Academy. When not working, she enjoys playing with her daughter, being outdoors and listening to country music.
  • Alexa
    Already has over four strong years of experience and has been strongly focusing on menís cuts. She has also had tutelage under some well known barbers and institutes and is a budding star in the industry. Alexa is a hard worker who also enjoys working out, reading, hanging with her friends as well as her yorkiepoo dog.
  • Morgan
    Has about a decade of experience in California and now has moved to the east coast; not quite an easy transition weather wise but her career path, however, moves seamlessly to Iím Sergio from her prior employer - Floydís. It was at those barbershops where Morgan realized her love for cutting menís hair. Sheís always into looking at menís latest fashion and hair trends and her favorite thing about her job is getting to meet and talk to different people and learning new things everyday from them.
  • Minh
    Started cutting hair while in high school and now has been a professional for 6 years. While Minh prides herself on her vision and creativity with respect to her career, she also enjoys all forms of art including make-up art and designing. Her days off are simply spent with her daughter but when given the chance, she likes to attend hair shows. Previous to Iím Sergio, Minh had got her feet wet in a couple different salons but her most recent experience was in a Chestnut Hill barbershop.
  • Therese
    A recent move to Philadelphia from State College has brought her to Iím Sergio but cutting hair has long been her passion since a child. Therese noticed how relaxed people felt and how good they looked when being cut by her grandmother, her inspiration and thus she wanted to take that career path as well. The detailed cuts that menís hair involves is why she loves this particular part of the industry. When away from work, Therese loves to sing, hit the gym and play sports.
  • Natalie (Assistant)
    Since she was able to walk, she has been interested in the cosmetology field. Make-up and hair with her mom has now grown to getting her foot in the door at our high end menís salon/barbershop. She loves the creative freedom in this field as well as itís the continuous changes it brings. While getting her experience with us, Natalie also likes to stay artistic in many ways including sketching, photography and still continuing make-up.