• Rachel
    Has over 10 years experience and has been a known force in the men’s salon business in center city for many years now. With a high passion for cutting hair, she likes to stay on top of celebrity trends. She enjoys interacting with different kinds of people behind the chair while outside of work, she spends a lot of time with her puggle, Lola.
  • Anna
    The opportunity to be creative and build relationships has led Anna into the beauty industry. Now with over 10 years of experience cutting and over 4 years shaving, her passion is why she continues to move forward with her career. She likes continuing education, anything pertaining to fashion, keeping active, traveling, and hanging out with friends. You can view Anna’s own professional website at www.annaprovencher.com with some of her great work amongst other things.
  • Amanda
    Has always wanted to work in a creative industry and has found her niche with men’s cuts. Despite many years of experience in a men’s salon, she is constantly looking to improve her skills and learn new techniques. It’s extremely important to her to make sure her clients feel good about themselves when they get up from her chair. Other interests of hers involve hiking and trying different craft beers.
  • Kathy
    Has over 13 years experience and most recently spent some time in Los Angeles, California working and learning so many of the hottest trends and styles for men. Kathy is a pleasant personality to be around and loves family, friends, travel, music, fashion and nature. She is another one of our stylists who believes in “when you feel good, it shows.”
  • Stephanie
    Started taking Cosmetology classes back in high school and began working in a salon at the age of 15. She’s now spent over 7 years as an operator since graduating from Venus Beauty Academy. When not working, she enjoys playing with her daughter, being outdoors and listening to country music.
  • Alma
    Originally started her Cosmetology path in Athens, Greece and has since been practicing in Philadelphia for over a decade. Establishing relationships and socializing with clients is what Alma enjoys most about being behind the chair. She loves Barcelona soccer, traveling, music, dancing and spending time with family and friends.
  • Alexa
    Already has over four strong years of experience and has been strongly focusing on men’s cuts. She has also had tutelage under some well known barbers and institutes and is a budding star in the industry. Alexa is a hard worker who also enjoys working out, reading, hanging with her friends as well as her yorkiepoo dog.
  • Heather
    Previously owned her own successful salon in Saugerties, NY before moving down to Philadelphia in 2016. With great experience on all types of haircuts, she was voted “Best Hairstylist” of 2015 in Hudson Valley Magazine. She is excited to continue her all-star career by developing a strong book of male clients at I’m Sergio. In her spare time, she sings in a duo and enjoys hanging out with her dog.
  • Selena
    Has over five years experience with the large majority of that cutting men’s hair. Selena enjoys being able to meet new people when behind the chair and takes pride in being responsible for a client feeling good about themselves. She follows a saying, “Success doesn’t just come and find you, you have to go out and get it.” She is doing just that. When she’s not working, she likes to travel and spend time with friends.
  • Anita
    Another one of our young, motivated stylists, Anita received her education at Jean Madeline and has continued learning with multiple men’s cutting classes. Happiness for her behind the chair occurs when she makes clients feel good about themselves. Happiness for her when not behind the chair is simply spending time with family and friends.
  • Erica
    Gains inspiration from other stylists in the industry and looks to grow through classes and shows. Erica has over 14 years of experience since graduating Jean Madeline Institute. She’s been a part of shops that have won Best of Philly and looks to gain such recognition with us here at I’m Sergio. At home, she’s a mother of three who enjoys basic things like going to the gym and watching TV.
  • Amaris
    She’s done a bit of everything in the industry; from being featured in “Allure” as a hair model to assisting with celebrity stylists. She eventually found her true passion in men’s cutting and grooming. An extreme stickler to details, Amaris truly has what it takes to help men look good and with that, it provides her the satisfaction she strives for with being a stylist. Amaris also has an extreme interest in all types of people which certainly works great for this line of work.
  • Erin (massage/nails/assistant)
    Since she can remember, she’s always had a passion for the industry and admired the beauty world. While her background is in esthetics and massage, she has a genuine interest in the entire cosmetology field. Erin always shows up to work with a smile on her face and seems to be able to transfer that onto all her clients.
  • Alexandria (nails/assistant)
    Is very determined to progress in this industry. She has received her Cosmetology license from Toni & Guy and aside from hair and nails, Alex also has a great passion for special effects make-up. At a younger age, her creative mind provided her with a knack of styling hair and doing anything beauty related. Expressing herself through her “art” is her favorite thing about her career path.